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Selling Real Estate During Covid-19

Blog by Team Aragon | April 27th, 2020

Selling Real Estate During Covid-19

We have personally been struggling with the issue of to work or not to work in this time. Do we sell real estate during Covid-19? We right away landed on the side of putting real estate on hold and staying home like most of the world to be safe and not endanger others. That was over a month ago now.

Lately, we have had more clients getting in touch because they would like to make a move. The timing is right for them.

We don’t want to be seen as the agents who don’t care to stay home and stop the spread by unnecessarily showing homes.  We certainly do not want to come across as “essential”.  We are not treating the ill or saving lives. Just selling homes. 

As the phone rings more we are left wondering how do we protect our clients and ourselves and still practice real estate?  This seems to be the new normal at least for another few months so we need to adapt and make the process as stress-free and seamless as possible.

As agents we must take all necessary precautions and measures to sell a client’s home and to get our buyers into their new home.

This week will be an interesting one as we navigate listing a home and giving keys to a buyer for their new home for the first time during Covid-19. We have precautions in place (gloves, masks, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer) and also a list of questions to be answered before a showing will even occur and what will happen during the showing ie. not touching anything please, we will open any doors or cabinets for the buyer to see inside. What a strange world we live in now.

We have always done an interactive virtual tour with a floorplan on all our listings for years now. That has not changed, it has just become more appreciated and incredibly valuable in these times.  

We love our clients and we love selling homes.  As COVID-19 progresses should you sell your house now? We’d love to have a conversation to see if that makes sense or not for you at this time but in the end only you the homeowner can answer that.  As a buyer, again only you can decide if the timing is right for you.

Unknowingly, we have been building up to being able to offer services during this time. Over the last 10 years we switched to electronic signing, virtual meetings and virtual tours with floorplan and measuring tool. All things that we have been working on and improving to better service our sellers. They are just now of the upmost importance in order to keep everything safe and facilitate homes sales.

At the end of the day we recognize that everyone’s experience is different right now and only each individual knows what is right for them in these times.

We wish everyone good health and happiness and a peace at this time.

Alex and Taryn Aragon